The Vorwerk is named after its creator, Otto Vorwerk from the Hamburg region in Germany, and was first presented on a poultry exhibition in 1912. It was created on the basis of the characteristic black and white Lakenfelder breed crossed with other breeds like Orpington and the German landrace Ramelsloher.

The target was a chicken breed suitable for keeping in the backyards of the German Workers. It should be economic and make a fair amount of eggs and thrive in sparse spaces. The red-brown colour was apparently chosen for the fierce air pollution in the German industrial areas to be as less visible on the feathers as possible. After the World War II the Vorwerk had almost disappeared but seems today to have gained a certain renaissance many places.


A nice breed that is not amongst the biggest egg producers but on the other hand does not eat as much as many other breeds. Vorwerk is a sturdy built chicken but also a capable flier, so it may be a good idea to cover the run to keep it fenced.

May brood now and then.


Vorwerk has only one colour type


Type: light

Weight hen: ca 2,0 – 2,25 kg

Weight rooster: ca 2,75- 3,0 kg

Egg: ca 55 g, cream

Eggs a year: 170