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The Wyandotte is named after an ancient indian tribe and originated in northern USA in Michigan and the state of New York. The aim was […]

Rhode Island Red (RIR)

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The Rhode Island Red is created in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the United States. It has achieved the honourable title of […]

Plymouth Rock

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The original barred type of the Plymouth Rock was the most numerous of all chickens in the United states until World War II. It was […]

New Hampshire

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The New Hampshire is created mainly on basis of The Rhode Island Red breed. It was developed in The New Hampshire State and presented as […]

Jersey Giant

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The Jersey Giant belongs to the heavy weights among the chicken breeds. It was created in New Jersey in the United States in the late […]


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Originally from Italy. Brought to the United States in 1828 where the development against the breed we see today began. The Leghorn name is the […]


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The ancestors of the Brahma chicken breed came to America around 1840. Together with Cochin, another giant chicken breed imported from the far east, it […]