A local heritage breed form the Eifel region in the western Germany. The Rheinländer was created in the late 1800s by crossing particularly hardy landrace chickens from the region with more high-performance egg layers from France.

The main purpose was to offer the many poor local sugar beet growers an extra hardy chicken with a good egg production. Maybe another purpose was to serve as an effective weed fighter in the sugar beed fields?


The Rheinländer grows relatively quickly and has very fine and tasty meat. It begins egg laying at an early age and is reputed to keep laying many eggs for several years. The breed is an excellent forager but can be hard making quite tame and keep behind a fence as it is a good flyer.

May brood now and then.


Black, White, Partridge, Blue, Barred


Type: heavy landrace type

Weight hen: ca 1,75 – 2,5 kg

Weight rooster: ca 2,0 – 2.75 kg

Egg: ca 55 – 61 g, white

Eggs a year: 220


Also found as a bantam