Bresse Gauloise

February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

Queen of the poultry, poultry of the King. This is how the Bresse chicken breed from the eastern France was described in the eighteen hundreds. […]


April 21, 2018 chibreew 0

A rather large mediterranean breed from the Barcelona region in Northern Spain. Also known by the name of Catalana del Prat or just Prat. Created […]


February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

The small and extraordinary looking Chabo or Japanese bantam probably origins in the southern China region. From here it was presumably brought to Japan around […]


February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

The introduction of the extraordinary heavy chicken breeds Cochin and Brahma to the west in the mid eighteen hundreds started a regular chicken fever. Especially […]

Cornish (Indian Game)

February 9, 2018 chibreew 0

An English chicken breed developed based on Asian game fowl types such as Malay and Asil. Originates from Cornwall in southern England where it were […]

Cream Legbar

February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

The Cream Legbar is an English chicken breed developed at the Department of Genetics at Cambridge University and presented in 1947. The special genes that […]

Dansk Landhøne

February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

In Denmark there have been domesticated chickens for at least 2000 years, and the brown type of the Dansk Landhøne or Danish Country Hen is […]


February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

A breed from northern France where it was created in the late 1800s. It is developed on the basis of a large local landrace crossed […]

Gammalsvensk dvärghöna

February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

The ‘Old Swedish bantam’ is very similar to the Red Junglefowl, the wild ancestor to the domestic chicken. The resemblance is probably not incidental since […]


February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

A French dual purpose breed created between 1870 and 1890. Named after a region in central France, south of Paris. In typical French manners, the […]