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A small and hardy chicken breed from Skåne and Småland in Sweden. Commonly kept in the old days by small farmers of this area, but […]


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The Bjurholmshöna or Bjurholm chicken has a unique history. It was “discovered” only in 2011 in the district outside the town of Umeå in the […]

Dansk Landhøne

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In Denmark there have been domesticated chickens for at least 2000 years, and the brown type of the Dansk Landhøne or Danish Country Hen is […]

Gammalsvensk dvärghöna

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The ‘Old Swedish bantam’ is very similar to the Red Junglefowl, the wild ancestor to the domestic chicken. The resemblance is probably not incidental since […]


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A Swedish landrace previously widespread on the island of Gotland. The last existing flock of Gotland chickens that had not been mixed up with laying […]


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An old landrace from the Hedemora region in Dalarna, Sweden. The Hedemora chicken was at the brink of extinction back in the 1970s but fortunately […]

Hellevadhønen (hybrid)

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The Danish Hellevadhønen or Hellevad Chicken is not a real chicken breed but a so-called hybrid. The parental animals are selected specimens of New Hampshire […]

Íslenska landnámshænan

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A very diverse landrace from Iceland. It is believed to origin from the chickens the first Icelandic settlers brought along from Norway around 1100 years […]


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The Jærhøne comes from the southwest corner of Norway and is the only preserved Norwegian chicken breed. It is the result of a rescue operation […]