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A small and hardy chicken breed from Skåne and Småland in Sweden. Commonly kept in the old days by small farmers of this area, but […]


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The only australian chicken breed. Developed around 1900 and from around 1920 advertised as the australian Black Orpington. The breed can be described as a […]


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The Barnevelder comes from the dutch town of Barneveld. It was developed in the last half of the eighteen hundreds with the purpose of creating […]


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The ancestors of the Brahma chicken breed came to America around 1840. Together with Cochin, another giant chicken breed imported from the far east, it […]


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The introduction of the extraordinary heavy chicken breeds Cochin and Brahma to the west in the mid eighteen hundreds started a regular chicken fever. Especially […]

Cornish (Indian Game)

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An English chicken breed developed based on Asian game fowl types such as Malay and Asil. Originates from Cornwall in southern England where it were […]


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A breed from northern France where it was created in the late 1800s. It is developed on the basis of a large local landrace crossed […]


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A French dual purpose breed created between 1870 and 1890. Named after a region in central France, south of Paris. In typical French manners, the […]


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A Swedish landrace previously widespread on the island of Gotland. The last existing flock of Gotland chickens that had not been mixed up with laying […]


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An old landrace from the Hedemora region in Dalarna, Sweden. The Hedemora chicken was at the brink of extinction back in the 1970s but fortunately […]