Ayam Cemani

February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

The Ayam Cemani is an Indonesian chicken breed from the island of Java. It is a variant of the local Ayam Kedu breed. In 1998 […]


February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

The small and extraordinary looking Chabo or Japanese bantam probably origins in the southern China region. From here it was presumably brought to Japan around […]


February 8, 2018 chibreew 0

The introduction of the extraordinary heavy chicken breeds Cochin and Brahma to the west in the mid eighteen hundreds started a regular chicken fever. Especially […]

Ko Shamo

February 9, 2018 chibreew 0

In its homeland Japan, the breed varies a lot, but the extremely upright position, the upward pointing tail feathers (shrimp tail), the split wing and […]


February 9, 2018 chibreew 0

The Orloff breed is believed to originate in Persia, now Iran, but its name refers to a pre-soviet Russian count by the family name of […]


April 21, 2018 chibreew 0

An old Russian landrace from the Nisjnii Novgorod region east of Moscow. The Pavlov breed was almost extinct by the beginning of the 1900s, but […]


February 9, 2018 chibreew 0

The Silkie chicken are a peculiar little bird who is believed to originate from ancient China. Already 700 years ago, Marco Polo described a strange […]