A rather large mediterranean breed from the Barcelona region in Northern Spain. Also known by the name of Catalana del Prat or just Prat. Created in the second half of the 1800s from local landrace chickens crossed with Cochin or other Asian breeds.


The Catalana is one of the only mediterranean breeds who can both be held as a egg layer and as a meat breed. It lays a good amount of eggs and there is plenty of meat on the carcass.

It flies well and is a good forager but needs plenty of space. The Catalana may be held best free-range.

Only rarely gets broody.




Type: light dual-purpose type

Weight hen: ca 2,3 – 2,7 kg

Weight rooster: ca 3,2 – 3,7 kg

Egg: ca 60 gram, White

Eggs a year: ca 180


Also found as a bantam.