The Barnevelder comes from the dutch town of Barneveld. It was developed in the last half of the eighteen hundreds with the purpose of creating a layer of dark brown eggs, but is mostly kept today as an exhibition breed. Its ancestors are local landrace chickens crossed with several different other breeds.


The Barnevelder is probably best known for its exquisite feather pattern with the double-laced feathers. It is a special pattern that only the Barnevelder hen and not the rooster gets., Because of the challenges getting the pattern right on the birds, this breed demands a good amount of skills getting individuals good enough for exhibitions.

New colour types are constantly being developed. Latest from 2013 the silver-black double-laced type which is the one showed on the illustration.

As a backyard chicken the Barnevelder is a good choice. It is a hardy breed with at calm temperament and a good layer of eggs in a part of the winter season. Because of the focus on good exhibition birds, the egg colour is not always as dark as it where originally and the number of eggs may also be lower than the breeds reputation.


Double-laced, Double-laced blue, Black, White, Crete, Dark brown, Partridge, Blue partridge, Silver-black double-laced


Type: heavy

Weight hen: ca 2,5 kg

Weight rooster: ca 3,5 kg

Egg: ca 60 g, red brown to dark brown

Eggs a year: 200


Also found as a bantam.