Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani is an Indonesian chicken breed from the island of Java. It is a variant of the local Ayam Kedu breed. In 1998 it was brought to Holland and from here the offspring was first exported to Germany, the Czech republic, Slovakia and UK. Later it came to USA, Denmark and other countries. The breed is still rare in its home country and in the rest of the world. The javanese poultry breeder Mr. Tjokromihardjo began in 1920 the refinement of the all black Ayam Cemani chickens to the point where it is today.


The main characteristic of the Ayam Cemani is the black feathers and the black or dark purple colouring of not only the skin but also the muscles and bones and internal organs. The eggs and blood are sometimes claimed to be black too, but this isn’t true. The eggs are light crème coloured like the eggs of landrace chickens and the blood is normal red to dark red.

The Ayam Cemani hen lays only around 60-80 eggs a year in clutches of 20-3o eggs. As a laying hen it therefor has more likeness with the wild ancestors than other domesticated chicken breeds.

In Indonesia the Ayam Cemani has been regarded as a bird with magical powers. It has been used for giving sacrifices and as a natural drug against different maladies. The darker the flesh and bones, the more powerful the effect.




Type: Light

Weight hen: ca 1,2 kg

Weight rooster: ca 1,8

Egg: ca 45 g, crème coloured

Eggs a year: 60 – 80