A small and hardy chicken breed from Skåne and Småland in Sweden. Commonly kept in the old days by small farmers of this area, but was almost extinct during the second half of the last century due to the hard competition from modern hybrid chickens. Todays Åsbo chickens originates from surviving birds from the villages of Esborrarp and Linneröd.


The Åsbo chicken is a small landrace breed originating from the poorest smallholdings in southern Sweden. It excels in finding its own food when kept free range, and avoids predators in the night by resting high in at three or similar.

The Swedish gene bank project for domestic landrace animals has registered 2500 Åsbo hens and roosters in 2016 kept by 178 registered breeders.

Opposite to the breeding of standardised or formal breeds, a big variation is encouraged within the landrace specimens. The appearance is secondary to other important features as good parenting skills, good flock behaviour, a reasonable egg and meat production and the ability to keep the minimum weight of the landrace.


Very diverse colouring from brown, wheat, bluish, black to white spotted specimens


Type: heavy

Weight hen: 1 – 1,5 kg

Weight rooster: 1,5 – 2,0 kg

Egg: ca 50 gram, White

Eggs a year: ca 150