The Andalusian belongs to the mediterranean breeds. Its original form is still found in the south of Spain, but the standardised form known elsewhere originates in Britain where it arrived around 1850.

Little is known about the origin of the original blue Andalusian birds.


A handsome and elegant breed that lays large white eggs and have a low tendency to broodiness. Like other mediterranean chickens an active bird that easily flies over even relatively high fences.

The Andalusian is not the easiest chicken to breed for exhibition birds. Getting the blue laced feathers right is difficult and only part of a clutch will be blue birds. The rest is either black or splash chickens.


Blue black laced


Type: light

Weight hen: 2,0 – 2,75 kg

Weight rooster: 2,75 – 3,0 kg

Egg: ca 58-64 gram, White

Eggs a year: ca 170


Also found as a bantam.