An elegant medium sized chicken breed. Derived from the region around the Italian city of Ancona whos name it carries. The breed, as it appears today, is developed by british breeders. It belongs to the mediterranean chicken breeds which are light and lively birds, good layers of white eggs and a little tendency to broodiness.

Like some of the other mediterranean breeds the comb must have a drop to one side. In Britain and USA a variety with rose comb is recognised.


Like other light chicken breeds the Ancona is relatively fast matured and may begin laying eggs at 5 month. It lays many eggs and have a low tendency to broodiness. It is a hardy bird who needs some space to range. Flies easily.


Black mottled with white, Blue mottled with white


Type: light

Weight hen: 1,7– 1,8 kg

Weight rooster: 2,0 kg

Egg: ca 55-60 gram, White

Eggs a year: ca 200


Also found as a bantam.