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An elegant medium sized chicken breed. Derived from the region around the Italian city of Ancona whos name it carries. The breed, as it appears […]


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The Andalusian belongs to the mediterranean breeds. Its original form is still found in the south of Spain, but the standardised form known elsewhere originates […]


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The origin of the remarkable Araucana chicken is most propably Chile in South America. It is thought to be a crossing between two local landraces: […]


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A small and hardy chicken breed from Skåne and Småland in Sweden. Commonly kept in the old days by small farmers of this area, but […]


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The only australian chicken breed. Developed around 1900 and from around 1920 advertised as the australian Black Orpington. The breed can be described as a […]

Ayam Cemani

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The Ayam Cemani is an Indonesian chicken breed from the island of Java. It is a variant of the local Ayam Kedu breed. In 1998 […]


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The Barnevelder comes from the dutch town of Barneveld. It was developed in the last half of the eighteen hundreds with the purpose of creating […]


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The Bjurholmshöna or Bjurholm chicken has a unique history. It was “discovered” only in 2011 in the district outside the town of Umeå in the […]


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The ancestors of the Brahma chicken breed came to America around 1840. Together with Cochin, another giant chicken breed imported from the far east, it […]